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Jennifer Abalan, R.N.

Jennifer Abalan, R. N. has been working as a registered nurse for more than 15 years. Her experience centers around care for surgical patients and includes surgical nursing, surgical intensive care and surgical recovery room work throughout her carreer. In outpatient setting she has been performing injection based treatments for cosmetic patients. This includes therapies for dynamic wrinkles (Botox or Dysport) and fillers used for enhancing volume loss in skin and deeper tissues.

Jennifer treats patients as individuals. There is no uniform approach to treatment. planning as everyone has different set of concerns. Listening and educating is the key to making correct choices in order to obtain natural outcomes. Jennifer has amazing people skills. She connects with patients with ease and treats them as if they were her own family.

"I do not believe that more aggressive treatment gives better outcome.

It is much better to enhance ones existing beauty, reevaluate, then possibly add more treatment if need be. Typical sales driven practices are to busy to spend sufficient time with the patient. The "one size fits all" approach may be a good business choice, but it generates obviously unnatural results. With patience and measured approach outcomes are better and the added benefit is lower overall cost." JENNIFER