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Laser Hair Removal 

The best way to get rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal. Why wax when you can laser them away. At Nou Age Spa, we use IPL laser hair removal with the application of ultrasound gel, this will help relief any discomfort during the procedure.

 For more information, consultation is free call us today.

Small Areas

Facial Hair, Neck & Under Arms

Single session per each individual area


Package deal 4 sessions 

Per each individual area


Dual package 6 sessions

All small area together


Medium Body Areas

Full Bikini, abdominal, buttocks

Single session per each area


Package deal 4 sessions

Per each individual area


Dual package 6 sessions

All medium area together per front or per back legs


Large Body Areas

Full Arms, Chest, Back, Full Legs (Per front, Per back for legs.)

Single session per each individual area 


Package deal 5 sessions 

Per each individual area  Per front; Per back


Dual package 7 sessions

All  Large area together Per front; Per back