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Nou Age Spa Policy

Policies are designed to prevent our business from failing from those who are unsure. Like you, or anyone, times are important, and everything we do, we do out of the goodness that we see relevant. At anytime there’s a signature on our policies this means you are in agreement and will adhere to it’s full terms and rules. Consultation are always free, this gives you the opportunity to decide if you want to move forward with the services.

Nou Age Spa Policies Note: We reserved the right to decline any service to those who we see are not a candidate with health issues.

Covid-19 : Clients, and Staff Members’ Health and Safety Are Our # 1 Priority!

Social Distancing Practices:

No children, or any accompanying individuals, they will be asked to wait in their vehicle, in our modest way, we asked that you do not bring you’re your supporting guest to your appointment. We ask all clients to come alone to your appointment. Arrive on time to avoid gathering in the waiting lobby.

If you arrive early, we asked that you patiently wait in your car and text us that you are waiting. When all exposed surfaces are sanitized, including but not limited to; lobby area, treatment rooms, door handles, reception desk and workstations, we will text you to come in.

We required all visitors/ clients to wear a mask when entering Nou Age Spa. Masks are available for purchase if you forget to bring one or do not have any.

All clients will need to sign a consent form acknowledging that you have not been symptomatic or exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days or do not have a pending Covid-19 Test.

Non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required when booking, and remaining balance is due on the day of the appointment. Should you change your mind after a deposit has been made, it is still not refundable. No refund mean no refund. When you deposit, you are scheduled in, this takes away our opportunity of serving others who needs our service.

Plan for your Appointment: Plan for your arrival time. We have a zero-tolerance last minute cancellation. It is crucial to arrive on time: Your appointment date, time are reserved for you. Late arrival shortens your time of service, causing us to rush our work leaving you unsatisfied. It also pushes back the appointments of those scheduled after you. Everyone’s time is precious so please be considerate – of our staff and other customers.

Must Reschedule within 72 Hours (3 days). Last minute cancellation, No Show, or rescheduling under 72 hours prevents our business from servicing others who needs our services first. We lose opportunities to provide service to other potential clients. We understand that unplanned situations happen, but we want you to remember our policies and be aware that there are zero exceptions. Our Goal and Mission is to satisfy clients who need our services first. Should you need to reschedule, or make changes to your appointment; phone calls, voicemails, text, Facebook message, and emails must be received at least 72 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

• 15 Minutes Late, Last-Minute Cancellation, NO Show, or Rescheduling under 72 hours (3 days) before your appointment on your first appointment, you will lose your deposit. You will have to re-deposit for your appointment again. Loss Deposit will not be credit towards the procedure.

• After a 2nd Last-Minute Cancellation, NO Show, or Rescheduling under 72 hours (3 days) before your appointment forfeits your session. After that we required a full payment when booking.

Package Sessions:

• On Going Treatments/ Sessions: For each treatment/ session within the package of service you have bought, if you are 15 minutes late, last minute cancellation or failed to reschedule within 72 hours before your appointment forfeits your session on that date and time. It’s your responsibility to set up your next appointment if you did not schedule the day of your current treatment.

• Unused sessions, once it exceeded due date it will automatically default to a loss.

• Unused sessions cannot be refunded or transferred to another person, but it can be credited in your account with an expiration date. It can be used for another procedure that is an equal value or for a new treatment if the cost is more, then a fee difference will be applied and will be due at treatment time.

• If your PMU (permanent Makeup, Microblading, brow shading) comes with a 2nd Session it will Expires in 3 months: Second sessions can be done at its earliest within 30 days, or schedule within the 3 months period, not later. Should second treatment exceed be young 3 months’ time, it will be forfeit. Sessions that are not consistent cause the treatment area to look incomplete.

• Laser Services sessions expire in 6 months: unless written with expiration time. Please make sure to schedule at the recommended return time for best results.

Missed treatments due to last minute rescheduling, cancellations, or an inconsistency attendance to planned treatment will have little to no improvements. We always recommend our products for best results. Using other product may show little to no assistant in the treatment you paid for. A healthy diet is always recommended for better results based on the procedure you are receiving. Results are not guarantee. Nou Age Spa LLC do not guarantee any results, every individuals’ skin responds differently. Some may need more than the required sessions to perfect their expectations. Consultation are given so you understand the risks, and have the opportunity to not move forward with the procedure.  At time of signing Nou Age Spa’s Policies you are agreeing to our terms, rules and policies. 

Withholding information or providing misinformation on your intake client form may result in contraindications and/or irritation to the skin from treatments received not to mention on going injuries. . It is your responsibility to inform your licensed Phlebotomist, licensed Advance Aesthetician/ Laser Technician/ licensed PMU Artist of your current medical history or health conditions. It is essential in order to execute appropriate treatment procedures. 

 **Nou Age Spa reserves the right to make changes to policies that see's relevant. **